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This new work is an ongoing series exploring the intersection of painting, collage and sculpture. I've taken the approach of "building" paintings out of panels from the previous series and expanded them into three dimensions. They are comprised of adjoined and layered panels, and cut out brush strokes arranged in relief projecting from the wall. The perimeter of each piece varies, resolving itself into a square, rectangle or an irregular shape.

My subject matter continues to be abstract though the finished pieces contain influences of urban landscapes as well as painting from a historical context. References to a cityscape are inferred when flowing lines and forms are suddenly interrupted by the hard edge of a panel, or when a slice of graduated color seems wedged between two planes layered with graffiti-like marks suggesting a view between buildings. The collage process allows me to combine disparate elements of painting and sculpture to create a visual experience that alternately flows and jolts the eye in an uneasy integration, similar to the tug of war between nature and architecture.

Tim Steele